Melasma Treatment: An Evidence-Based Review

Jacqueline McKesey; Andrea Tovar-Garza; Amit G. Pandya


Am J Clin Dermatol. 2020;21(2):173-225. 

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A systematic review of the literature was conducted through PubMed (National Library of Medicine) using the keywords 'melasma' and 'chloasma' in the title/abstract (Figure 1). Filters for 'randomized controlled trial', and 'controlled clinical trial' were applied to the search. The Cochrane database was also searched for systematic reviews. Studies were limited to prospective, randomized, controlled clinical trials evaluating treatment for melasma that were available in English through October 2018. Studies including pregnant subjects were excluded. Outcome measures reviewed included subjective physician- and participant-assessed response to treatment, objective measures of treatment response, time elapsed before clinical improvement, and adverse events.

Figure 1.

Article selection flow diagram