Clinical and Lung Function Outcomes in a Cohort of Children With Severe Asthma

Patricia de Gouveia Belinelo; Aleisha Nielsen; Bernadette Goddard; Lauren Platt; Carla Rebeca Da Silva Sena; Paul D. Robinson; Bruce Whitehead; Jodi Hilton; Tanya Gulliver; Laurence Roddick; Kasey Pearce; Vanessa E. Murphy; Peter G. Gibson; Adam Collison; Joerg Mattes


BMC Pulm Med. 2020;20(66) 

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In conclusion, we audited our SAC data and observed significant improvements in asthma control and lung function over time. We observed clinical improvements independent of the modality of the specific intervention when managed in a nurse-led multidisciplinary paediatric SAC. Children with severe asthma demonstrated lung ventilation inhomogeneities that persisted in most despite significant improvements in other clinical and lung function outcomes. Further studies are required to assess the efficacy of a nurse-led SAC and the value of LCI in monitoring airway disease in severe asthma.