The Future of Retinal Imaging

Daniel Q. Li; Netan Choudhry


Curr Opin Ophthalmol. 2020;31(3):199-206. 

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It is a remarkable era for retinal imaging, as technology evolves rapidly to provide new information, which stands to elevate clinical decision-making. FLIO is a technology that will reveal not only structural, but also biochemical and metabolic changes of the retina at the cellular level. OCT is moving exponentially toward higher resolution, faster speed, lighter size and becoming more cost-effective. AO SLO-FA will provide unprecedented detail of the retinal vasculature down to the level of capillaries, enabling earlier and more sensitive detection of vasculopathies. Although still largely in research stages, some of these new technologies may be integrated into routine practice as more clinical studies establish their clinical validity. The future of retinal imaging is bright and stands to revolutionize patient care as technology brings about a paradigm shift in clinical practice.