An Anti-Wrinkle Diet: Nutritional Strategies to Combat Oxidation, Inflammation and Glycation

Rajani Katta, MD; Ariadna Perez Sanchez, MD; Evelyne Tantry


Skin Therapy Letter. 2020;25(2):3-7. 

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Foods That Impact MMPS

Collagenase and elastase play important roles in ECM remodeling, thereby contributing to loss of skin elasticity, wrinkling, and sagging. Some foods and nutrients are able to block the activity of collagenase, such as green tea, white tea, and pomegranate,[46] while inhibition of elastases was also seen with ginger[47] and spices such as turmeric, cinnamon, and nutmeg.[48] Foods with anti-inflammatory capabilities, by blocking inflammatory pathways, may also ultimately result in lower levels of MMPs, as with curcumin,[49] omega-3 fatty acids,[50] and garlic.[33]