An Anti-Wrinkle Diet: Nutritional Strategies to Combat Oxidation, Inflammation and Glycation

Rajani Katta, MD; Ariadna Perez Sanchez, MD; Evelyne Tantry


Skin Therapy Letter. 2020;25(2):3-7. 

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Nutritional Strategies to Target Key Processes in Skin Aging

Research has demonstrated that dietary components have the ability to impact each of these skin aging processes. The skin is commonly referred to as the largest organ of the body, and as such plays a substantial role in its defense. The skin barrier and its concomitant complex immune defenses play a significant role in protection against UVR, physical impact, temperature variations, irritants, allergens, microbes, and other factors. In fact, it can be said that our skin is under siege every minute of every day. Because of these constant threats, the skin barrier has many intricate built-in defense and repair mechanisms.

Dietary factors have the ability to either support these mechanisms or impair them. In other words, certain dietary patterns, foods, nutrients, and compounds have the potential to either accelerate or combat skin aging.