Do You Have PPE?

April 01, 2020

A hospitalist in Indiana took to social media to plead for donations of N95 masks, hoping to help local hospitals prepare for the pandemic heading their way. Shortly afterward, administrators from his hospital contacted the online forum's moderator and the posts were removed, he told MDedge News.

Administrators also warned him not post about personal protective equipment (PPE) because it made the hospital appear incompetent, and they continued to monitor his social media posts. "I was told, 'We can handle this, we don't need the public's help,' " the physician said. "I was hurt and upset. I was trying to help protect my peers."

Clinicians across the country are being told not to speak to the media and not to post on social media about their experiences. "There's definitely a big fear among physicians, particularly employed physicians, in terms of what the consequences may be for telling their stories," said one physician advocate.


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