COVID-19: Fears and Frustrations in the Healthcare Community

Dana Corriel, MD


April 07, 2020

The healthcare field is filled with many bright, compassionate souls.

But that fact is sometimes taken for granted, especially in times like these, when the same souls find themselves on the "front lines" of a war that not everyone realized they had signed up for.

I feel strongly that it's important to get our message out by using more visuals that capture and communicate the risks we take. Sharing more messages and stories not only tells others about the sacrifices necessary to become healthcare professionals but also shows the toll of practicing in it.

Since the onset of the COVID-19 crisis, I've found myself personally moved by images and stories shared behind the scenes. As I continue connecting with physicians from across the nation about issues we need to address (both pre- and post-COVID issues), I feel passionate about uniquely showcasing our voice.

This, in my opinion, is where social media comes in. As a healthcare profession, we need to connect and work together. We then need to get the right messages out because a global fight like this needs unified, strategic dissemination of proper instructions and accurate information.

Six months ago, I laid my clinical white coat to rest and decided to devote my time to building a unique community for physicians to connect and network with other physicians on social media. I decided to try my hand at solutions. I am currently configuring my own group, called SoMeDocs, so that physicians can connect, discuss what's broken, and speak freely in organized ways, and know that there are many others who are valiantly doing the same.

To help communicate our message, I have pieced together a collection of 10 of our frontline heroes, each one grappling with his or her own current fears and frustrations. I feel honored to feature them here through my digital composition and through their own words of truth.

For each one of the heroes featured, I know there are many more. I wish each one of you out there—the warriors in the real-world battleground of this war on COVID-19—only good health.

"My chief concerns are twofold: working to optimize COVID-19 readiness in my region and the safety of my colleagues in cities that are impacted. There is a deep sense of aspiration in doing this work which helps to offset the worry. I have unending confidence in all parts of the healthcare team to handle this pandemic, provided we have the necessary tools to do the work."

Mark Shapiro, MD
Hospitalist and associate medical director for hospital services
Santa Rosa, California


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