PrEP Implementation Behaviors of Community-Based HIV Testing Staff

A Mixed-Methods Approach Using Latent Class Analysis

DeAnne Turner, PhD, MPH; Elizabeth Lockhart, PhD, MPH; Wei Wang, PhD; Robert Shore, PharmD; Ellen M. Daley, PhD, MPH; Stephanie L. Marhefka, PhD


J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr. 2020;83(5):467-474. 

In This Article


This study sought to investigate how HIV testing staff engage in PrEP implementation and the underlying behaviors of distinct implementation subgroups. These findings have implications for research, practice, and policy. Methodologically, this study demonstrates the benefits of using joint analysis of LCA and thematically coded interview data to determine program or training needs. In practice, these findings may help organizations determine the best way to provide PrEP-related training and program development, accounting for staff who may differentially discuss PrEP based on perceived client eligibility, or inconsistently talk to clients about PrEP. Policies at the organizational level may be beneficial for increasing PrEP implementation in HIV testing venues; future studies are warranted.