HIV Testing Strategies Employed in Health Care Settings in the European Union/European Economic Area (EU/EEA)

Evidence From a Systematic Review

S Desai; L Tavoschi; AK Sullivan; L Combs; D Raben; V Delpech; SF Jakobsen; AJ Amato-Gauci; S Croxford


HIV Medicine. 2020;21(3):163-179. 

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HIV testing is an integral component of combination HIV prevention, treatment and care. HIV testing is the first step in the global 90–90-90 target set by UNAIDS, where 90% of all people with HIV infection should be diagnosed, 90% of those diagnosed should receive HIV treatment and 90% of those on treatment should have a suppressed viral load by 2020.[5] Therefore, strategies that diagnose individuals as early as possible are essential to achieve the ultimate goal of ending the HIV epidemic. This review has identified that, although there are considerable missed opportunities for earlier HIV diagnosis, there are also several acceptable and feasible strategies to achieve high HIV testing coverage across a variety of health care settings and populations in Europe.