Headache at the Chronic Stage of Ischemic Stroke

Mariana Carvalho Dias, MD; Teresa Martins, MD; Goncalo Basilio, MD; Lia Lucas Neto, MD, PhD; Lara Caeiro, Psy, PhD; Jose M. Ferro, MD, PhD; Ana Verdelho, MD, PhD


Headache. 2020;60(3):607-614. 

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Headache at the chronic stage in ischemic stroke survivors who are able to be interviewed is frequent, usually is sporadic, of mild intensity and of tension-type. In most of the patients this headache is a reactivation of pre-stroke headache or a headache with different characteristics of the previous one. In a minority of patients the headache is of new-onset and rarely has the same characteristics of headache at the acute stage. Female sex and pre-stoke headache are predictors of headache at the chronic stage of ischemic stroke.