Hydrogen Peroxide Topical Solution, 40% (w/w) for the Treatment of Seborrheic Keratoses

A Review

Emily C. Murphy, BS; Adam J. Friedman, MD


Skin Therapy Letter. 2020;25(1):1-4. 

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Given our current options for the treatment of SKs include only more invasive, non-topical therapies, HP40 fills a void in our therapeutic repertoire as the first FDA-approved topical therapy for SKs. However, this therapy has limited efficacy with 1–2 treatments, producing only about 50% clearance per patient.[20] Further, HP40 is expensive and can be time-intensive to apply. Nevertheless, considering HP40 produces higher clearance of SKs on the face than other anatomic locations[22] and that it may be less cytotoxic to melanocytes than cryotherapy,[23] HP40 may be useful for the treatment of facial SKs. Given 92% of the phase 3 trial participants were FST I-III, further research is needed to explore the risk of pigmentary changes with HP40 in patients of FST IV or higher.