Preexposure Prophylaxis Indication Criteria Underidentify Black and Latinx Persons and Require Revision

Aaron J. Siegler, PhD


Am J Public Health. 2020;110(3):267-268. 

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Clinic Data on PrEP

In this issue of AJPH, Pyra et al. (p. 370) analyze data on PrEP provision and PrEP indication from a federally qualified health care center in Chicago, Illinois. The authors present data in the form of several ratios: PrEP users divided by incident HIV diagnoses (PrEP:HIV, also termed PrEP-to-need),[2] PrEP users divided by persons for whom PrEP is indicated (PrEP:Indication), and persons for whom PrEP is indicated divided by HIV diagnoses (Indication:HIV). The goal in using these ratios is to provide information regarding disparities in who is receiving PrEP. Pyra et al. found that Blacks, Latinx, and transwomen had substantially lower PrEP:HIV and Indication:HIV ratios than did White and cisgender men populations. Relative to their need as determined by incident HIV infection, these groups were less likely to be indicated for PrEP and also less likely to receive it.