Surgical Data Recording Technology

A Solution to Address Medical Errors?

Neal A. Shah, BS; Jessica Jue, MAS; Tim K. Mackey, MAS, PhD


Annals of Surgery. 2020;271(3):431-433. 

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Addressing surgical medical errors and adverse events is an ongoing challenge. Surgical data recording technology offers potential solutions to surgery iatrogenesis. However, advancing the clinical science of surgical data recording technology requires investment by the health care community and action by policymakers toward shared goals of cultivating a safety culture that encourages robust data generation on performance and quality measures, while also balancing the need to ensure an environment where healthcare personnel can speak freely about mistakes and implement corrections. In order to encourage further innovation, these systems also need to be designed in a manner that is focused on generating objective patient safety data without the fear of legal recourse or regulatory violations. Balancing these objectives will undoubtedly be challenging, but the promise of a technology that may generate highly useful information to modernize patient safety is well worth the effort.