Health Policy Poets Light Up Twitter for Valentine's Day

February 18, 2020

Who says health policy can't be fun? Experts lit up Twitter in recent days with valentine messages about topics ranging from drug prices and surprise medical bills to the Affordable Care Act and Kaiser Health News. Here are some of our favorites.

Robert Longyear:

Hey, don't break my heart. I don't have prior authorization!

Joanne Kenen:

Roses are red

Podcast at Kaiser.

We hope 'What the Health?'

Makes you wiser.

→KHN's 'What The Health?': Live from D.C. With Rep. Donna Shalala

Laura Marston:

One vial a week

Keeps me alive

Used to cost $20

Now it's $275.

Joshua Israel:

The red roses are ready

The champagne is still chilling.

I love you more than private equity

Loves surprise medical billing.

Avery Stewart:

Our love is like a hospital bill: no one understands it.

Tara Straw:

Roses are red

And given with love

You don't need a web-broker

Because we've got

Sarah Gollust:

Will it be your place or mine?

We have to make choices, my Valentine.

Should we expand benefits or reduce costs?

Health policy, like love, requires tradeoffs.

Ariel Cohen:

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Stop panicking about coronavirus,

You're more likely to get the flu.

Meril Pothen:

The White House is red

But some states are blue

So health policy by litigation

Is all that we do.