Controversies in Perioperative Antimicrobial Prophylaxis

Brooke K. Decker, M.D.; Alexander Nagrebetsky, M.D.; Pamela A. Lipsett, M.D.; Jeanine P. Wiener-Kronish, M.D.; Naomi P. O'Grady, M.D.


Anesthesiology. 2020;132(3):586-597. 

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Controversies in Urologic Procedures: Chronic Indwelling Catheters

The topic of antibiotic prophylaxis for the insertion or removal of urinary catheters has generated numerous articles and reviews.[101–106] Although there has been documented efficacy in the prevention of urinary tract infection with gentamicin use before removal of catheters, the use of gentamicin around the insertion and removal of urinary catheters before surgery has been discouraged by national recommendations. In one interventional study, rates of use on insertion went from 42 to 2% and on removal from 28 to 3%. In the final 40 weeks of this study, no gentamicin was used for either indication. Importantly, there were no significant differences in perioperative bacteriuria, surgical site infection, or acute kidney injury in this study.[107]