Multiple Electrolyte Imbalances and Mixed Acid-base Disorder Posing a Diagnostic Dilemma

A Case Report

Fortune O. Alabi; Christopher O. Alabi; Rafaela G. Basso; Nadia Lakhdar; Adebanke O. Oderinde


J Med Case Reports. 2020;14(15) 

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In order to accurately diagnose any condition a patient presents with, a well-taken history is required. A detailed patient history characterizes symptoms and provides insight into risk factors, and both are essential for obtaining a correct diagnosis. Blood test results play a vital role in confirming the diagnosis; however, in most cases, the correct diagnoses are made on the basis of a well-taken history.[1] In the case presented, we share the diagnostic dilemma we encountered when the results of laboratory-performed blood tests were incongruous with a patient's provided history. We believe this case shows that lab findings will clearly portray the problems a patient has and should be given more credence in a case where the history is discordant with lab findings.