Female Androgenetic Alopecia: An Update on Diagnosis and Management

Michela Starace; Gloria Orlando; Aurora Alessandrini; Bianca Maria Piraccini


Am J Clin Dermatol. 2020;21(1):69-84. 

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The onset may be at any age following puberty and the frequency increases with age.[7,8]

Although the real prevalence of FAGA is difficult to determine due to the lack of universally accepted criteria for the diagnosis, it is generally agreed that the frequency of FAGA varies among different population groups.

In Caucasian women, the prevalence of FAGA increases with age: from 3–12% during the third to fourth decade, to 14–28% in postmenopausal women in their fifties and 29–56% in the population older than 70 years.[9–11]

The prevalence of FAGA in Asian women has a similar age-related trend, but it seems to be lower than in Caucasian women.

A study conducted in 2001 with 4601 Korean women showed an overall prevalence of 5.6%,[12] the same rate was observed in 2010 in a Chinese study involving 8446 women.[13] The largest study was conducted in 2013 in Taiwan with 26,226 women and showed an overall prevalence of 11.8%.[14] There are no published data about the prevalence of FAGA in the African population.