Radiological Case: Shoulder Injury Related to Vaccine Administration: Isolated Teres Minor Tear

Danesh Bansal, MD; David R Di Lorenzo, MD


Appl Radiol. 2020;49(1):50-52. 

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Imaging Findings

An MRI performed 6 weeks from the start of symptoms demonstrated extensive edema surrounding the teres minor myotendinous junction and tendon (Figure 1). There was an associated high-grade partial-thickness tear of the teres minor tendon (Figure 2). Accompanying reactive humeral subcortical edema at the teres minor tendon insertion was also noted (Figure 2).

Figure 1.

Sagittal short tau inversion recovery image of the humerus depicts edema within the myotendinous junction of the teres minor.

Figure 2.

Axial proton density fat-saturated image demonstrates a high-grade partial thickness tear of the teres minor tendon at its insertion.