Alcohol Consumption, Cigarette Smoking, and Familial Breast Cancer Risk

Findings From the Prospective Family Study Cohort (ProF-SC)

Nur Zeinomar; Julia A. Knight; Jeanine M. Genkinger; Kelly-Anne Phillips; Mary B. Daly; Roger L. Milne; Gillian S. Dite; Rebecca D. Kehm; Yuyan Liao; Melissa C. Southey; Wendy K. Chung; Graham G. Giles; Sue-Anne McLachlan; Michael L. Friedlander; Prue C. Weideman; Gord Glendon; Stephanie Nesci; kConFab Investigators; Irene L. Andrulis; Saundra S. Buys; Esther M. John; Robert J. MacInnis; John L. Hopper; Mary Beth Terry


Breast Cancer Res. 2019;21(128) 

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Findings from this large prospective cohort including high-risk women indicate that there is an elevated risk of ER-positive BC associated with alcohol consumption for women at average population risk (5-year BOADICEA < 1.25%). Additionally, while smoking is not strongly associated with BC, and this association is not modified by underlying FRP, there is an increased overall BC risk for women at very high familial risk (BOADICEA > 6.55%) who also regularly consumed alcohol. These findings can have implications in terms of absolute risk reduction, as alcohol and smoking are modifiable risk factors and present risk reduction opportunities for women across the spectrum of familial risk.