Physician Perspectives on Deprescribing Cardiovascular Medications for Older Adults

Parag Goyal, MD, MSc; Timothy S. Anderson, MD, MAS, MA; Gwen M. Bernacki, MD, MHSA; Zachary A. Marcum, PharmD, PhD; Ariela R. Orkaby, MD, MPH; Dae Kim, MD, MPH, ScD; Andrew Zullo, PharmD, PhD; Ashok Krishnaswami, MD, MAS; Arlene Weissman, PhD; Michael A. Steinman, MD; Michael W. Rich, MD


J Am Geriatr Soc. 2020;68(1):78-86. 

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In this national survey, geriatricians, general internists, and cardiologists frequently considered deprescribing cardiovascular medications in the setting of adverse drug reactions. We also found that the frequency of other reasons for deprescribing, like limited life expectancy, varied substantially between specialties. In addition, shared barriers to deprescribing included interfering with another physician's plan of care and perceived patient reluctance toward deprescribing. Though these findings should be interpreted cautiously due to a low survey response rate, these findings indicate that the development and implementation of communication strategies across physician specialties and with patients are necessary to implement deprescribing cardiovascular medications as an effort to improve medication safety and mitigate polypharmacy.