"Maybe He Was in Love With You?": How to Talk With People in Psychosis

May-May Meijer; Femke Meijer


Schizophr Bull. 2020;46(1):6-8. 

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"How Does it Feel to Talk With Christ?": Example 2

In 2009, May-May met Christ as she described in her book "An Accident in my Head," which is written in Dutch. Later on, when she received forced medication, she reasoned that she met Christ by assuming she was being spied upon by the secret service. She reasoned that her assumption that she was being spied upon by the secret service did not hold, therefore, she would have probably not met Christ either. In 2013–2014, May-May was in (forced) hospitalization again. She felt a strong contact with Christ again. Now she decided she wanted to go to the Vitus Church which is near the hospital. She also thought: "If I am a scientist, then I am going to explore if going to the masses in the Vitus Church helps me." In the church emotions where overwhelming her, she recognized feelings similar to experiences she had had in her psychoses. Such as striving towards peace, take care for the sick and poor people. In the church, May-May also feels that she and the homeless man who attends the church service are equal. Especially, when they shake hands and wishing each other Christ's peace.

Since approximately 2014 May-May has the feeling that she talks to Christ. In March 2017 she mentioned this to her sister. The conversation went as follows:

Femke: "Does it scare you to talk to Christ?"
May-May: "No, not at all, he is very helpful."
Femke: "What does he say?"
May-May: "He is often saying that he loves me and he is encouraging me."
Femke: "How do you exactly hear his voice?"
May-May: "I scratch on my right ear, than I hear his voice. A nurse, at my hospital in 2013 once mentioned that it seemed I was wearing an earpiece with a microphone.'
Femke: "Is it a voice you hear, or thoughts?"
May-May: "It is different from a normal voice, but it is just as if there is an inner voice of someone else, of Christ. It is a bit like a dream, you see things but when you wake up you know it is different than 'real' life."
Femke: "What if he tells you to do something what you do not want?"
May-May: "Since 2014 I do not have a lot of voices who are talking bad to me. Christ is only supporting me. I love him. However, I know that I have to be aware. If other voices are going to intervene and if I have to throw up, I know that I need to scale up my medication."
Femke: "Good."