Breast Reconstruction With Local Flaps: Don't Forget Grandma

Bradley J. Vivace, BS; Swapnil D. Kachare, MD, MBA; Michael Ablavsky, MD; Sara R. Abell, BS; Luke T. Meredith, BS; Christina N. Kapsalis, MD; Joshua H. Choo, MD; Bradon J. Wilhelmi, MD


ePlasty. 2019;19(e23) 

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Cases 2 to 4: Bilobed Flaps

Fasciocutaneous bilobed flaps were created using adjacent tissue in each of the 3 cases. Highlighted later is case 3. The flap was raised at the level of fascia, elevated, and inset into the wound over a size 19Fr Blake drain. Figure 3 demonstrates the design of the flap and defect, and Figure 4 demonstrates post–flap inset.

Figure 3.

Defect with prospective design of bilobed flap (case 3).

Figure 4.

Closure with bilobed flap (case 3).