Factors That Influence Changes to Existing Chronic Pain Management Plans

Julie Diiulio, MS; Laura G. Militello, MA; Barbara T. Andraka-Christou, JD, PhD; Robert L. Cook, MD, MPH; Robert W. Hurley, MD, PhD; Sarah M. Downs, MPH; Shilo Anders, PhD; Burke W. Mamlin, MD; Elizabeth C. Danielson, MA; Christopher A. Harle, PhD


J Am Board Fam Med. 2020;33(1):42-50. 

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Chronic pain management is difficult. Guidelines and training provide some direction, but PCCs must also use their own judgment and experience to treat patients. Our analysis sheds light on the factors that lead PCCs to change treatment plans for patients with chronic pain. An understanding these factors can inform the types of innovations that are needed to support PCCs in providing chronic pain care.