Video Surveillance and Nursing Workforce Safety

Patricia A. Quigley, PhD, MPH, MS, APRN; Lisbeth Votruba, MSN, RN; Jill Kaminski, MS


Am Nurs Today. 2019;14(12):39-41. 

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Actual and Prevented Abuse Events

The most common reason for monitoring patients using PEVS was for fall prevention (58%). (See PEVS patient selection.) From January 1 to December 31, 2018, 136 abuse events (physical abuse, n = 100; verbal abuse, n = 36) were initiated by 110 patients (0.66 adverse abuse events per 1,000 patient days). (See Abuse events.) Most of the verbal abuse involved profanity toward the caregiver. In five cases, the patient threatened to kill the caregiver. In addition, monitoring staff reported preventing 5,458 abuse events. Most (90%) of the prevented events involved verbal intervention; only 10% required a PEVS alarm.