Avoiding Drug-Induced Hypoglycemia in the Older Adult

Mary Ann E. Zagaria, PharmD, MS, BCGP


US Pharmacist. 2019;44(10):4-10. 

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Strategies for managing DI glucose and insulin dysregulation are presented in Reference 4; those strategies specific to the management of DI hypoglycemia include:

  • Administer treatment to reverse hypoglycemia as appropriate (e.g., glucose, dextrose, glucagon, diazoxide)

  • Assess glycemic control (e.g., fasting plasmaglucose concentration) as appropriate

  • Discontinue or reduce dose of offending drug if possible

  • Modify diet as appropriate (e.g., frequent, small meals)

  • Use offending drug at the lowest effective dose for shortest duration possible

Patient education, including MTM interactions, should include comprehensive teaching of appropriate management strategies involving patients and their families and caregivers.