Emerging Options for Biologic Enhancement of Stress Fracture Healing in Athletes

Timothy L. Miller, MD; Christopher C. Kaeding, MD; Scott A. Rodeo, MD


J Am Acad Orthop Surg. 2020;28(1):1-9. 

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Stress fractures and other stress injuries of bone are increasingly common among competitive athletes, particularly those who choose to specialize in a single sport. Historically, few treatment options other than cessation of the causative activity combined with immobilization of the affected area were available. Rest from the causative activity remains a component of the treatment protocol for stress fractures; however, for elite and professional athletes, biologic treatments offer a minimally invasive option that may expedite healing and allow earlier return to sports participation. Additional research is required to determine the ideal combination of osteopromotive treatment options that will maximize the rate of healing and minimize the risk of fracture propagation on return to athletic participation.