Nutritional Care for Patients With Ebola Virus Disease

Mija Ververs; Magi Gabra


Emerging Infectious Diseases. 2020;26(1):20-25. 

In This Article


We conducted a literature search using the MEDLINE database (through PubMed and OVID search engines), Global Health, and Scopus, and used Google Scholar to search gray literature. Medical Subject Headings terms used included "hemorrhagic fever, Ebola," "Ebola virus," and "nutrition." We also searched on the following terms: diet, vitamin, malnutrition, breastfeed, nutrients, fortified, micronutrient, caloric, calories, soup, porridge, cereal, legume, sugar, and dextrose. The search identified articles relating to Ebola virus and nutrition published from January 1, 2014, through August 30, 2019. We did not apply language restrictions, and for search engines that allowed it, we included only articles about studies with human subjects. We screened only the first 120 results from Google Scholar because of decreasing relevance of articles. We downloaded and managed articles through EndNote X9 (Clarivate Analytics,