Moving Closer to What Women Want?

A Review of Breastfeeding and Women Living With HIV in the UK and High-Income Countries

N Freeman-Romilly; F Nyatsanza; A Namiba; H Lyall


HIV Medicine. 2020;21(1):1-8. 

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International and national guidelines on perinatal management address infant feeding at a population level. Pregnant women living with HIV will continue to arrive in clinic and their babies will continue to be born. Clinicians and health care workers will continue to support each individual woman making the correct choices for her and her child, based on the best information currently known. The updated US and UK guidelines on the postnatal care of women living with HIV are an appropriate and pragmatic response to recent studies on HIV and breastfeeding. They will help new mothers living with HIV answer one of the fundamental parenting questions: How should I feed my baby'?