Educational Preparation and Nurse Turnover Intention From the Hospital Bedside

Mary Jane K. DiMattio, PhD, RN; Adele M. Spegman, PhD, RN


Online J Issues Nurs. 2019;24(2) 

In This Article

Theoretical Framework

This study was framed within the context of nurse surveillance capacity (Kutney-Lee et al., 2009), which is influenced by RN characteristics or "prepossessed abilities, knowledge, or training that the RN holds" and the work environment defined as "contextual influences of the practice environment" (Kelly & Vincent, 2011, p. 6). RN variables of interest in this study were as follows: educational preparation (highest degree in nursing and current school enrollment); years of experience; and clinical expertise. The work environment variables of interest were: access to opportunity, information, resources, and support, as well as overall structural empowerment. Neither nurse staffing nor patient outcomes were examined in this study.