Pleural Effusion as an Atypical Presentation of Kawasaki Disease

A Case Report and Review of the Literature

Elif Arslanoglu Aydin; Selcan Demir; Orkun Aydin; Yelda Bilginer; Seza Ozen


J Med Case Reports. 2019;13(344) 

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Abstract and Introduction


Background: Kawasaki disease is an acute, febrile vasculitis of childhood that affects medium-sized arteries, predominantly the coronary arteries. It is a multisystem disease; therefore, it may present with non-cardiac findings of disease.

Case presentation: Here, we report the case of 7-year-old Turkish girl who presented with symptoms of fever, chest pain, and vomiting, who was diagnosed as having Kawasaki disease. We also present a literature review on pulmonary involvement due to Kawasaki disease.

Conclusion: Pediatricians should consider the diagnosis of Kawasaki disease in the presence of pneumonia and pleural effusion that is nonresponsive to antibiotic therapy. This will prevent delay in diagnosis and the adverse consequences of the disease.