Dexcom Says Diabetes Monitoring Software Malfunctioning Since Saturday

By Reuters Staff

December 02, 2019

NEW YORK, Dec 1 (Reuters) - Dexcom Inc, which makes continuous glucose monitoring systems that can be used by adults to track sugar levels in children with diabetes, said on its website Sunday that some users of a monitoring software called Dexcom Follow were not receiving data or alerts as intended.

On its Facebook page, the San Diego-based company provided more information, saying it had not done any updates or technology changes that would have created the issue. It said it was working on a resolution and that customers should expect intermittent availability of the monitoring services.

The Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday that parents of the patients had said they could not get the crucial readings, which are transmitted about every five minutes from a patch worn by the patient to either a smartphone or a Dexcom receiver. Parents and other third parties can use the Dexcom Follow software to receive these alerts.