Postoperative Opioid Use Before and After Enhanced Recovery After Surgery Program Implementation

Vincent X. Liu, MD, MS; Abigail Eaton, PhD; Derrick C. Lee, MD; Vivian M. Reyes, MD; Shirley S. Paulson, DNP, MPA, RN, NEA-BC; Cynthia I. Campbell, PhD, MPH; Andy L. Avins, MD, MPH; Stephen M. Parodi, MD


Annals of Surgery. 2019;270(6):e69-e71. 

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Abstract and Introduction


Opioids are a cornerstone of surgical pain management; however, opioid exposures during healthcare may also persist into long-term use.[1–3] Although multidisciplinary protocols designed to improve surgical recovery—enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) programs[4–6]—can reduce the inpatient use of opioids, their impact on longer term use is poorly understood. We evaluated how ERAS program implementation at 20 hospitals within Kaiser Permanente Northern California (KPNC) impacted postsurgical opioid use up to 180 days after surgery.