Biomarkers to Predict the Response to Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy

Ward Heggermont; Angelo Auricchio; Marc Vanderheyden


Europace. 2019;21(11):1609-1620. 

In This Article

Methodology and Search Strategy as a research literature platform (, and Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) were used to identify relevant publications irrespective of the publication date. The following MeSH terms were combined as follows: 'biomarkers' [MeSH] OR 'microRNA' [MeSH] OR 'protein' [MeSH] OR 'genes' [MeSH] AND 'cardiac resynchronization therapy' [MeSH] OR 'cardiac resynchronization therapy devices' [MeSH]. This research retrieved 231 papers that were screened for eligibility. Based on careful review of the abstract, 181 records were excluded. The remaining 50 papers were assessed for eligibility based on full-text review. A total number of 8 papers were excluded, because of the following reasons: 4 were reviews, 1 paper only described a study protocol and no data, and 3 manuscripts were basic research papers (no patient data), irrelevant for this review. Finally, the remaining 42 papers were included in the qualitative analysis of this review. The search was conducted in November 2017 and updated in June 2018.