The Mind-Heart-Body Connection

Glenn N. Levine, MD


Circulation. 2019;140(17):1363-1365. 

Abstract and Introduction


In Western medicine, we are very good at treating the disease, less good at treating the patient, and not very good at treating the person. We devote almost all of our clinical time and practice to implanting the latest devices, imaging and testing each and every symptom, and prescribing mouthfuls (now syringes full) of medicines, yet pay minimal attention to the psychological and physiological milieu in which the heart resides and which affect the heart; namely, the patient's—and a person's—mind and body. There is now a growing body of data that the mind and the body can negatively and positively impact cardiovascular health, and the time has come for us as clinicians to take heed of the interconnected, interdependent being of the heart and body with the mind, a relationship that can be termed the "mind-heart-body connection."