Sunscreen Photoprotection and Vitamin D Status

T. Passeron; R. Bouillon; V. Callender; T. Cestari; T.L. Diepgen; A.C. Green; J.C. van der Pols; B.A. Bernard; F. Ly; F. Bernerd; L. Marrot; M. Nielsen; M. Verschoore; N.G. Jablonski; A.R. Young


The British Journal of Dermatology. 2019;181(5):916-931. 

In This Article


The panel comprised experts from diverse disciplines including vitamin D, endocrinology, dermatology, photoprotection, experimental photobiology, epidemiology and anthropology. Panel members made a comprehensive search of literature published from January 1996 to May 2017, using the Scopus database, with the following search term categories individually and in combination: vitamin D, status, level, values, deficiency, measurement, assay, dosage, evaluation, polymorphisms, genetics, diet, phototype, pigmentation, lifestyle, location, latitude, sun, UV, UVR, ultraviolet, health, diseases, sunscreen, photoprotection or sun protection. Members of the panel used their specific areas of expertise to identify relevant papers and presented and discussed their results at a meeting in Paris in June 2017. The panel discussion was recorded by a scientific writer and used as the basis of the manuscript. Additional 2017–19 references were included during the writing process. This article summarizes the consensus and provides clinical recommendations in terms of photoprotection in order to ensure optimal vitamin D status.