Does Weight Loss Reduce the Severity and Incidence of Psoriasis or Psoriatic Arthritis?

A Critically Appraised Topic

S.K. Mahil; S.M. McSweeney; E. Kloczko; B. McGowan; J.N. Barker; C.H. Smith


The British Journal of Dermatology. 2019;181(5):946-953. 

In This Article

What did we do in Light of the Evidence?

We presented our findings to our patient, who then adopted a low-calorie diet and physical activity plan. He was also referred to an obesity specialist for consideration of bariatric surgery. He advised his children to achieve a healthy weight to prevent psoriasis and PsA, and they subsequently engaged with local weight loss support groups.

These data informed the integration of an obesity screening and management pathway in our psoriasis service. The pathway encompasses multidisciplinary expertise from dieticians, clinical psychologists and obesity specialist physicians, and implements lifestyle, pharmacological and surgical weight loss interventions, in line with NICE guidance on obesity.[18] Informed by patient and public involvement, we also developed a patient information leaflet detailing the association between obesity and psoriasis, and proactive advice on how to achieve a healthy weight.[67]