Validated Criteria for the Interpretation of a Single Measurement of Serum Cortisol in the Investigation of Suspected Adrenal Insufficiency

Scott D. Mackenzie; Robert M. Gifford; Luke D. Boyle; Mike S. Crane; Mark W. J. Strachan; Fraser W. Gibb


Clin Endocrinol. 2019;91(5):608-615. 

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The study demonstrates a single measurement of serum cortisol carries the potential to significantly reduce the need for dynamic testing, whether in outpatients or in general medical inpatients. A single measurement of serum cortisol can also easily be done in primary care, and for outpatients, the test is of use whether samples are taken in the morning or afternoon, reducing the need for hospital referrals and further adding to the value of this strategy in the initial investigation of AI.