MicroRNA-221 and MicroRNA-222 in Common Human Cancers

Expression, Function, and Triggering of Tumor Progression as a Key Modulator

Sima Amini, MSc; Atefe Abak, MSc; Ebrahim Sakhinia, PhD; Alireza Abhari, PhD


Lab Med. 2019;50(4):333-347. 

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Role of MiR-221/-222 as a Tumor Suppressor

As we implied earlier herein, miRNAs can act as oncomiRs or tumor-suppressor miRs; miR-221 and miR-222 are no exception to this rule. The results of research by Coskun et al[35] indicated that upregulation of miR-222 in acute leukemic cells by suppressing the proto-oncogene EST1 can lead to induction of cell-cycle arrest and inhibit cell growth. Also, Goto et al[59] reported that miRNA-221 and miRNA-222 act as tumor suppressors in prostate-cancer cells, and their expression represent a decline. The researchers report ECM29 as a novel target of miR-221/-222; low expression of these miRNAs can enhance migration and invasion in this type of malignant neoplasm.