Special Report From the Society for the Advancement of Blood Management: The Choosing Wisely Campaign

Carolyn D. Burns, MD; James P. Brown, MHA, CCP, LP; Howard L. Corwin, MD; Irwin Gross, MD; Sherri J. Ozawa, RN; Aryeh Shander, MD


Anesth Analg. 2019;129(5):1381-1386. 

In This Article


The ABIM Foundation's Choosing Wisely campaign provides an avenue for health care professionals to move beyond their society guidelines and publications expanding the concept of patient-centered care and dialogue. SABM is an international leader in PBM with its core foundational principles of bringing state-of-the-art science and education to promote appropriate use of transfusion therapy and utilization of alternatives to reduce or even eliminate this need. SABM is guided by a patient-centered approach to achieve improved outcomes through patient–clinician communication and alignment of health goals and values. As such, SABM saw participation in the Choosing Wisely initiative as an opportunity to challenge our leadership and membership to further promulgate PBM principles, to reach out to the public, empowering clinicians and patients alike to shape joint health care choices.

We encourage our members, as well as other health care providers, to actively utilize this list, incorporating its principles into daily practice. Future lists could be created as the science and recognition of PBM expands as the standard of care.