Special Report From the Society for the Advancement of Blood Management: The Choosing Wisely Campaign

Carolyn D. Burns, MD; James P. Brown, MHA, CCP, LP; Howard L. Corwin, MD; Irwin Gross, MD; Sherri J. Ozawa, RN; Aryeh Shander, MD


Anesth Analg. 2019;129(5):1381-1386. 

In This Article

Creation and Development Process

The Executive Committee and Board of Directors (BOD) of the Society for the Advancement of Blood Management (SABM) expressed strong support for SABM to become a participant in the Choosing Wisely campaign. Participation in the Choosing Wisely campaign would be an opportunity to further the mission of SABM for collaborative provider-patient health care delivery and responsible use of resources. A Task Force was appointed from within the SABM Board to draft an initial set of proposed recommendations.

The Choosing Wisely national office furnished guiding principles for the organization's participation. Guidelines for development of a list included:

  1. Each item should be within the scope and control of the society and its members.

  2. The recommendations should be evidence based and represent frequently used practices which may also incur significant cost.

  3. The list should be well documented, readily available, and understood by the lay public.

  4. Recommendations should be reviewed and updated to reflect best practice.

  5. There should be active dissemination through journal articles, newsletters, member meetings, and patient engagement.

Evidence-based recommendations were built on our society's foundational pillars and structured around published SABM Standards. A critical feature was the review of relevant literature for supporting evidence applicable to each statement. Important in the process was involvement of the SABM membership; thus, the draft recommendations were submitted to the membership for input via e-mail survey. Based on this input, the final 5 statements including evidentiary materials and pertinent references were written. The Task Force presented the materials for Board approval before submission to the Choosing Wisely national team. Our selected statements and integrated materials were revised based on subsequent National Campaign leadership review to assure alignment of content and required format. The list was published by the national team in its final format on the Choosing Wisely website in August 2018. These are displayed in the Table. Throughout this process, a Task Force liaison was appointed to participate with the ABIM via periodic calls and electronic communications regarding the national campaign efforts and impact.