What Makes a Good Doctor-Patient Relationship?

October 07, 2019

From walk-in clinics to telemedicine, patients today have many options when they need medical care. Often, convenience trumps loyalty.

A 2018 study by Virginia Commonwealth University Health System indicates that 61% of patients would switch doctors for the ability to get an appointment quickly. Fifty-two percent would switch to get an appointment at a convenient location, and 51% would make the switch for great customer service.

To physicians, however, relationships with patients are very important. In the 2019 Medscape Physician Compensation Report, 29% of doctors said gratitude from and relationships with patients is the most rewarding aspect of their job — it was the top answer among a list of things they liked about their work. In 2013, 31% of doctors listed gratitude and relationships as the most rewarding part of their work, just behind being good at what they do (34%).

What makes for a good doctor-patient relationship, in your opinion?

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