IDWeek Sparks Twitterstorm: #WhyIVaccinate

Eugenia Yun


October 04, 2019

Vaccine hesitancy has been named a top threat to global public health by the World Health Organization. Antivaccine sentiments continue to gain a stronghold, however, via the spread of misinformation on social media. The consequence of low vaccination rates is a growing number of outbreaks of infectious diseases. In response, the infectious disease specialists who gathered at IDWeek delivered a call to action, urging peers to increase advocacy efforts to create a more balanced, science-based narrative on social media.

On October 3, 2019, people around the world raised their voices in a Twitterstorm of support for vaccination, using the hashtag #WhyIVaccinate. Within 4 hours, more than 4800 messages flooded Twitter, citing reasons both professional (to protect the health of vulnerable populations in their care, such as immunocompromised patients) and personal (to safeguard their own children). Some shared facts on vaccine efficacy and CDC recommendations, while one stated simply, "Because they work!"

Missed the Twitterstorm? Here are some highlights:

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