Burn Wounds After Electrical Injury in a Bathtub

A Case Report

Sem F. Hardon; Pieter J. Haasnoot; Annebeth Meij-de Vries


J Med Case Reports. 2019;13(304) 

In This Article


Risks of electrical devices in household use are underestimated. Although products are thoroughly tested and certified, they pose a great danger if used inappropriately. Electrical injuries can be caused by low-voltage electric current (50–1000 V) and high-voltage electric current (> 1000 V). Electrical injury in children usually occurs at home and is most commonly caused by low-voltage current.[1–3] Most electrical injuries in adults are work-related injuries and are a repeatedly described cause of occupation-related death.[2,4] A severe electrical burn injury can cause destructive injury with high morbidity, lifelong scars, and even death.[5,6]

In children, most injuries occur in the home environment.[6–8] Despite regulations on electrical home safety standards, smartphones and chargers still pose a risk for severe injury among users. Few articles have been published concerning these health risks.

Recently, media reports have shown that accidents as a result of smartphone use occur. Even smartphone injuries leading to death have been reported.[9–13] Increased smartphone use among minors might be the reason our population is more prone to these risks. The aim of this case report is to raise awareness of this topic and to evaluate considerations for treatment.