The Risk Factors of Postoperative Pressure Ulcer After Liver Resection With Long Surgical Duration

A Retrospective Study

Hong-Lin Chen, MD; Ai-Gui Jiang, MD; Bin Zhu, MD; Ji-Yu Cai, MM; Yi-Ping Song, MM


Wounds. 2019;31(9):242-245. 

In This Article


There are some limitations in the present study. First, it was a retrospective study with a small sample size. Based on levels of evidence from the Oxford Center for Evidence-based Medicine,[13] the levels of evidence herein ranked 3b, indicating a low level of evidence. Second, 4 variables (admission Alb, DM status, intraoperative blood loss, and length of surgery) were included in the logistic regression, but only 11 patients developed a PU. Prospective cohorts with larger sample sizes are needed.