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Direct-acting Antivirals for the Treatment of HCV During Pregnancy and Lactation

Implications for Maternal Dosing, Foetal Exposure, and Safety for Mother and Child

Jolien J. M. Freriksen; Minou van Seyen; Ali Judd; Diana M. Gibb; Intira J. Collins; Rick Greupink; Frans G. M. Russel; Joost P. H. Drenth; Angela Colbers; David M. Burger


Aliment Pharmacol Ther. 2019;50(7):738-750. 

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Treatment of HCV with DAAs during pregnancy and breastfeeding is not currently recommended because of lack of data on safety, leaving pregnant women diagnosed with HCV untreated until after delivery (which in itself maybe distressing for the mother and deter her from breastfeeding). In our opinion, this window of opportunity to simultaneously improve maternal health and prevent vertical transmission should not be missed. There is an urgent need to study DAAs in pregnant and breastfeeding women to target these patient populations as well as their HCV-exposed children and to contribute to the HCV elimination goal of 2030.