Lamotrigine in the Prevention of Migraine With Aura

A Narrative Review

Dan Buch, MD; Hugues Chabriat, MD, PhD


Headache. 2019;59(8):1187-1197. 

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Lamotrigine Was Not Assessed Adequately for Treating MA Attacks Despite Its Promising Profile

In the first randomized clinical trial of LTG in migraineurs, no significant benefit was detected in 77 patients treated by a fixed dose of 200 mg that could eventually be escalated. In this study, only 17 patients in each group reported MA attacks at inclusion and no subgroup analysis was performed. Additionally, 24 patients dropped out during the study.[85] In another cross-over trial of 60 patients who used either Topiramate or LTG for treating their migraine attacks, a significant benefit to the frequency of headache and phono or photophobia was detected with LTG but the study was probably underpowered (P = .09) for reaching a conclusion and for determining the potential benefit in the only 19 individuals with MA who were actually treated.[86] Given these relatively disappointing results, LTG was not considered enough effective to prevent migraine attacks in general (Table 3).