Clinical Examination for the Prediction of Mortality in the Critically Ill

The Simple Intensive Care Studies-I

Bart Hiemstra, MD; Ruben J. Eck, MD; Renske Wiersema, BSc; Thomas Kaufmann, MD; Geert Koster, MD; Thomas W.L. Scheeren, MD, PhD; Harold Snieder, PhD; Anders Perner, MD, PhD; Ville Pettilä, MD, PhD; Jørn Wetterslev, MD, PhD; Frederik Keus, MD, PhD; Iwan C.C. van der Horst, MD, PhD; SICS Study Group


Crit Care Med. 2019;47(10):1301-1309. 

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A simple clinical examination, which can be performed in any critically ill patient in any setting, has reasonable discriminative value for assessing 90-day mortality in a single-center cohort of acutely admitted ICU patients. In this study, a single, protocolized clinical examination had similar prognostic abilities compared with the SAPS-II and APACHE-IV and outperformed the SOFA score.