Septic Arthritis of the Glenohumeral Joint Following Influenza Vaccination

Case Report and Review of the Literature

James E. Darnley, MD; Joseph A. Rosenbaum, MD; Grant L. Jones, MD; Julie Y. Bishop, MD


Curr Orthop Pract. 2019;30(5):495-497. 

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Abstract and Introduction


Shoulder injuries are a rare, but reported, complication of the influenza vaccine. However, the discussion regarding these incidents mostly has occurred in nonorthopaedic literature. A comprehensive literature search provided several reports of Shoulder Injury Related to Vaccine Administration (SIRVAs). Our goal is to increase the awareness of SIRVAs among orthopaedic surgeons. We describe an indolent infection and rotator cuff tear caused by improper administration technique for an influenza vaccine and the resulting complications. The patient was informed that details of the case would be presented for publication and provided written consent.