Severe Asthma: An Update for 2019

Adam D. Highley, MD; Craig Cookman, DO; Lee E. Morrow, MD, FCCP, ATSF; Mark A. Malesker, PharmD, FCCP, FCCP, FCCM, FASHP, BCPS


US Pharmacist. 2019;44(7):HS 2-HS 7. 

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The Pharmacist's Role

It is essential that pharmacists stay abreast of current asthma treatment guidelines and be conversant with contemporary pharmacotherapy for severe asthma. As part of the interdisciplinary team, pharmacists have a role in optimizing asthma management and improving therapeutic outcomes. Asthma disease education, patient self-assessment of control, and an understanding of asthma medications are key elements of each patient interaction. Pharmacists can demonstrate proper inhaler technique, assess refill requests, monitor for drug interactions, reinforce medication adherence, and assist with product selection and insurance coverage.