Interprofessional Shared Decision-Making in the ICU

A Systematic Review and Recommendations From an Expert Panel

Andrej Michalsen, MD, MPH; Ann C. Long, MD, MS; Freda DeKeyser Ganz, PhD, RN; Douglas B. White, MD, MAS; Hanne I. Jensen, PhD, RN; Victoria Metaxa, MD, PhD; Christiane S. Hartog, MD, PhD; Jos M. Latour, PhD, RN; Robert D. Truog, MD; Jozef Kesecioglu, MD, PhD; Anna R. Mahn, RN; J. Randall Curtis, MD, MPH


Crit Care Med. 2019;47(9):1258-1266. 

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High-quality care for ICU patients and their families requires, among other qualities, exemplary interprofessional collaboration, and communication. The accomplishment of these tasks can be facilitated through IP-SDM. Therefore, clinicians should consider using an IP-SDM model that allows for the exchange of information, deliberation, and joint attainment of a treatment decision in a structured manner. IP-SDM is neither intended to be used for routine and straightforward decisions, nor is it intended to promote any specific decision, but rather provides a range of explicit approaches to decision-making within the interprofessional team. Further research is needed to determine the extent to which implementation of IP-SDM can improve outcomes for critically ill patients and their families. Ultimately, fostering the credibility of team decisions and the quality of ICU work environments will improve outcomes for patients, family members, and clinicians.